About Us

Who are we and what is our aim?



LWA is a streetwear clothing brand established in 2017.We believe in the importance of independence and creativity in the current world of fashion. Streetwear is about being different, standing out from the crowd and following your own path. This goes hand in hand with our beliefs. We at LWA beleive in following your own dreams, not being afraid to go against the 'social norms'. Our emphasis is on designing high quality affordable clothing for people from all walks of life.






Where did we come from?



Founded in 2017, the name was inspired by a discarded business idea of his fathers; 20 years later he made that idea come to life. We are a family orientated brand, with all of the Sennett's being involved in the product design, photography, branding, advertising and more. We are constantly excited to watch the brand continue and constantly grow. We hope you are too.


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Registered Company Number: 10849584

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